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Sunday Services at 10:30 AM

734 Route 37 West

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Whether you're brand new to Unitarian Universalism or moving here from another UU Community, we welcome you.

Current Issue

September 2014



There are a variety of activities at UUOCC. Check the calendar regularly to make sure you're not missing out on anything.



Oct. 26th -


Presented By Jim McMurray

Nov. 2nd  - 

"Five Dollars is Five Dollars"

​Presented by Nancy Ellson

Nov. 9th - 

Rev. Julie Newhall

Nov. 16th  -


Presented by Gail Marsh Saxer

Nov. 23rd  - 

"Guest at your Table"

​Presented by The Social Justice                            Committee                    

Nov. 30th  -

                 Rev. Phil Passantino



Unitarian Universalists Offer A Religious Alternative

  • For the churched or unchurched in search of a spiritual home
  • For folks seeking a religion without dogma
  • For parents who wish their children encouraged to think independently about religion and values
  • For couples in interfaith marriages
  • For free thinkers, questioners, seekers, doubters, and explorers
  • For straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer and questioning individuals looking for a welcoming and affirming religious community
  • For all who are looking for a meaning and purpose; to connect to something greater